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the fuller picture that is, international experience, is a prerequisite for access to top-level jobs. Rwth Aachen adds "rwth Aachen University" to all of its degrees. The following qualifications are accepted: toefl/ielts or equivalent.

Please inquire about the current guidelines in the. Master, a Master course of study expands and deepens knowledge gained in a Bachelor course of study, providing students with a higher academic qualification. The respective examination boards, determines whether you have fulfilled the educational background requirements. The medical courses of study are an exception at rwth Aachen, as they finish with a Staatsexamen. Due to the greatly increased number of applications for the Schools. All graduates of the business or business and engineering Bachelors programs offered by the School of Business and Economics fulfill the profile of requirements.

You can find more information about admission to individual Master's programs at rwth Aachen on the page. On the basis of the General Examination Regulations in combination with the conditions for this specific program of study, we also accept as evidence a German "Abitur" certificate showing that the student took English continuously up to the. The abbreviation stands for European Credit Transfer System. C evidence of your language proficiency, if neither your first degree nor your university entrance qualification was gained from a German-speaking institution, you must provide evidence of your proficiency in the German language. In Business Administration program of study, the School last year made the decision to introduce a restricted admission procedure (Numerus Clausus). Science, economics, engineering) or a Bachelor or Master of Arts(e.g. Although the School Council is not in agreement with this reasoning, it is, of course, obliged to respect the Ministrys decision. Only after successfully completing this initial career qualifying degree, can an individual be accepted to a Masters program. However at the end of their students, students complete the second part of the rztliche Prfung, just like students in a typical (not model) course of study.

This is the so called subject-specific background education. The Diplom and Magister courses of study are currently being phased out at rwth Aachen. There is an additional grading scale of very good to sufficient for the evaluation the quality of a students work. Modules typically stretch over one or two semesters of an academic year. In the teacher training courses of study, where you combine two subjects, the name of the degree in the Bachelor course of study, depends on the topic of the final thesis. Evidence may not be submitted after the deadline for submission of admission applications has expired (for example, if an examination has not yet been graded). Teacher training programs always encompass two semesters, and are thus studied as a two-subject Bachelor's ot a two-subject Master's. Under certain prerequisites, you can enter a Diplom course of study or a Lehramt course of study with the Staatsexamen degree (effective summer semester 2012). This means, then, that the Universitys general selection regulation will enter into force for the Numerus Clausus procedure, according to which solely the grade of the Bachelors degree will be relevant.

The intention of this proposal was to ensure a fairer distribution of admissions than a procedure would that is based solely on the grade of the Bachelors degree. Copyright: Bilder Zentrale_Tafel Ausland, all programs of study offered by the School of Business and Economics at rwth Aachen University aim to equip students fully for their entrance into the professional world. Courses of Study, all courses of study. They measure not only the workload at the university in class or labs for example, but also the time you spend doing schoolwork at home. As of the winter semester 2015/2016, a two-phase admissions procedure has been in place. Where evidence of German language proficiency is required, the deadlines stipulated by the International Office at rwth Aachen University must be observed.

Other courses of study with the Diplom and Staatsexamen degree can only be studied in higher core semesters. Depending on the faculty and subject, either a Bachelor or Master of Science (e.g. Assessments, credit points alone do not measure a students success. The goal was also to make academic degrees and course of study content more comparable and make them transparent, thus enabling students more mobility. Evidence of English language proficiency must be provided with your admission application! Master's Degree Programs, teacher Training Subjects for Master's Students. Diplom, Magister und Staatsexamen: Courses of Study Being Phased Out.

This new procedure takes the academic and language proficiency requirements as well as the grading of the applicant's first degree into consideration. Although the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research of the State of North-Rhine Westphalia in its capacity as the relevant regulatory authority essentially welcomed our proposal, the proposal was rejected. An average of 40 hours per week has been set as a typical workload. However, all applicants must fulfill the stringent academic requirements which have been applied ever since the introduction of the Masters degree program. They are concluded with assessments, that influence a student's overall grade. Evidence of academic requirement fulfillment must be submitted with the admission application (in the form of examinations passed). Together with the Fachschaft (the Schools student representative body the School elaborated a proposal for such a procedure which in addition to the grade also took the so-called ects-percentile into account (i.e. Copyright: Martin Braun, with over 100 courses of study, the nine rwth Aachen faculties offer you a broad program of engineering sciences, natural sciences, geosciences, business and economics, humanities, and medical subjects.

Grading of First Degree Held by Applicant. Employers expect graduates to have not only thorough knowledge of their field but broader interdisciplinary knowledge and skills as well. Copyright: Kurt Beyer, degree ABCs, the Bachelor and Master are the new academic degrees, to which rwth Aachen, like all universities North Rhine-Westphalia has converted. International Master's Degree Programs taught in English. Certification of the language proficiency must clearly show that the B2 level has been fully acheived in each of the 4 domains "reading "speaking "comprehension and "writing.e.

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