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Refrain In the city and the country, you working people We are the strongest of the parties! Chorus Hideux dans leur apothose Les rois de la mine et du rail Ont-ils jamais fait autre chose Que dvaliser le travail? The world is about to change its foundation We are nothing, let us be all. The Internationale Unites the human race. East Germany paid Montana Edition 20,000 DM every year for its rights to play the music. Incomplete short citation Original French lyrics edit French Literal English translation Debout, les damns de la terre Debout, les forats de la faim La raison tonne en son cratre C'est l'ruption de la fin Du pass faisons table rase.

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Lenjapkan adat dan paham tua, kita rakjat sadar-sadar. Our own right hand the chains must shiver, Chains of hatred, greed and fear. The single peaked at number 1 in the UK Singles Chart, the band's first single to. 14 Because of this, The Internationale is also in public domain within France. (English: "This is the final struggle / Let us group together and tomorrow / The Internationale / Will be the human race. International Business Administration degree. This international orientation is girdled through intensive language training, which accompanies a student throughout his/her studies. To make the thief disgorge his booty To free the spirit from its cell, We must ourselves decide our duty, We must decide, and do it well. Heer der Sklaven, wache auf!

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How much hot blood of ours have bled, Only to handle that cruel and evil monster. These translations are based on lyrics from French, Russian, English, Mandarin, German, and the Netherlands. Have they ever done anything other Than steal work? Wmen de rxu lile dusho, Zh b n cnk shu. Leeres Wort: des Armen Rechte!

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Gustave Delory once acquired the copyright of his lyrics through the songwriter. Cng li ji mi yu shn me ji sh zh, Y b ko shn xin hung. Le Monde (in French). Vy vashi trony, tuneyadtsy, Na nashikh spinakh vozveli. A few stones were thrown. Refrain (2 Perjuangan penghabisan, bersatulah berlawan! 17 18 The American version is sometimes sung with the phrase "the internationale "the international soviet or "the international union" in place of "the international working class".

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We'll change henceforth the old tradition, And spurn the dust to win the prize! Gng bsh nxi yngxing hoji, Qun ko zj ji zj! Away with all your superstitions, Servile masses, arise, arise! The International working class Shall be the human race! Chorus Chinese translation edit "The Internationale" in Chinese ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : ; pinyin: Gujg literally the "International Song was first translated on from the French original by Qu Qiubai (Chinese: 24 a leading. Chtob svergnut gnyot rukoy umeloy, Otvoyevat svoyo dobro, Vzduvayte gorn i kuyte smelo, Poka zhelezo goryacho! Refrain: This is our final and decisive battle; With the Internationale humanity will rise up! In Federico Fellini 's 1973 film Amarcord, the song is played on gramophone as part of a cruel prank to get an innocent person arrested by Fascists in 1930s Italy. Y qi gu lo dng zh su yu, N nng rng d j shng chng! Sh w men lo dng qn zhng.

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Billy Bragg Internationale on, from the Pete Seeger 90th Birthday Concert ( The Clearwater Concert ) at Madison Square Garden, " ". For justice thunders condemnation: A better world's in birth! The earth shall rise on new foundations: We have been naught, we shall be all! 32 The song deals with the topic of the Spanish Civil War and Anti-fascism in general. They ran after the trucks and shouted protest slogans. "Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States". Citation needed When numerous East Germans were arrested for protesting the 40th anniversary celebrations for the GDR, many of them sang the Internationale in police custody to imply that they, rather than their captors, were the real revolutionaries. The requirement for admission to study is basically a university entrance certificate (high school diploma, Abitur).

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We'll make our own lives in a different way And here is our battle cry: All the power to the workers! Il n'est pas de sauveurs suprmes Ni Dieu, ni Csar, ni tribun Producteurs, sauvons-nous nous-mmes Dcrtons le salut commun Pour que le voleur rende gorge Pour tirer l'esprit du cachot Soufflons nous-mmes notre forge Battons le fer quand il est chaud. Filipino translation edit There were three Filipino versions of the song. F g Sh shi chung zo le rn li sh ji? It is us, the masses. Ki Hadjar Dewantara. Cukup sudah darah-k'ringat terhisap, saat pasti akan tiba. Equality wants other laws: No rights without duties, she says, Equally, no duties without rights. (Fg) Zh sh zuhu de zhngdu, Tunji qli do mngtin, Yngt'rlxingn'r Ji ydng yo shxin.

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Students from all over the world meet at the European University Viadrina to study together and to prepare for an international career. Let racist ignorance be ended For respect makes the empires fall! There were also a few Molotov cocktails and the last truck was set on fire. The Internationale is one of the most universally translated anthems in history. Chorus Stand up, all victims of oppression For the tyrants fear your might! In Alan Dean Foster 's 1983 novel Spellsinger, the protagonist Jon-Tom sings the song to placate an enraged Marxist dragon. Ein Nichts zu sein, tragt es nicht lnger Alles zu werden, strmt zuhauf. The most detestable are those poisonous snakes and savage beasts, Eating up our flesh and blood. 23 Xiao's version was a revision of Qu's translation, which did not see widespread use due to it being written in Classical Chinese, 22 although the phrase "The Internationale" was similarly transliterated as Yngtnxingni'r ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : ). Beierlein de, bought the rights to the song for 5,000 Deutschmark, first for the territory of West Germany, then in East Germany, then worldwide.

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