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For example, Germany was entered in a joint venture with Otto Versand.20 Zaras last form to enter a market is with a franchise store. Jin/Cedrola: Fashion Brand Internationalization, 2016. At this level, relationship marketing aiming at customer retention and loyalty is most suitable. A look at the scope of duties of the different departments of Nike reveals that a central part of Nikes global marketing activities is telling a story about the Nike brand (m, 2012). Trade Shows and Presentations, businesses often present their products and services through the local Chambers of Commerce. As a result the Company can expand their customer base (The Coca-Cola Company 2015). As Coke Life provides a benefit over a short time it is part of non-durable goods. Involvement in a marketing sense is the relevance a person attaches to a certain product or brand, based on their needs, values and interests (Solomon, 2010).

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The most important stakeholder for most businesses is the customer. In relation to the product life cycle it is evident that Coca-Cola Life is currently in the growth stage as it continues to increase sales. Franchising is a type of license where a party acquires to allow them to have access to a franchisers proprietary knowledge, processes and trademarks in order to allow the party to sell a product or provide a service under the businesses' name. Key Takeaways, below-the-line advertising is an advertising strategy where products are promoted in media other than mainstream radio or television. This allows for a more high-touch experience, where a salesperson can answer direct questions and better explain the products. . Zara has a highly vertical integrated management system (see.5) in which every part of the supply chain is owned by the company, which adds greater complexity to the production and management process.

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Therefore the marketing theory has been implemented and assumptions have been made on the basis of this report. Nike emphasis their employers from the brand management department to the retail staff to tell customers the story about Nike. The report is structured according to the four partnership approach to relationship marketing. Zara shows that its possible to create a global brand without trying to please every culture in every country. 2.4 Main Target Market of Coca-Cola Life Coke Life is designed for adults who are looking for a great tasting Coke. After the company already experienced in international environment and gained knowledge about market expansion, the further market expansion was executed more rapidly to more distend countries and opening a larger number of stores.10 In 2017 stores Zara is considered. LinkedIn, for example, allows marketers to target specific people with sidebar advertisements based on their profession or groups that they belong to on the website. May be customized to local needs.4.2 zara: A short company overview. It is recommended that the ingredients should be mostly organic and the sugar should be completely removed in order to satisfy customer needs and wants. As a result, 85-90 of the products are identical in every store worldwide.

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This marketing approach aims at creating an impression of a personal relationship between the customer and an organization and therefor is called pseudo-personal relationship (Gummesson, 2008). External Relationships (Mega Relationships).1 Corporate Social Responsibility.2 Celebrity Endorsement.3 Mass Media Relationships (R23). Within this period Zara only added one to two stores each year to its portfolio. Moreover a company overview of Nike is given. The company decided to first test their business model, acquire knowledge, built capacity and establish a competitive advantage before entering new markets. Catalogues and postcard mailings are still popular and effective marketing tools. According to Gummesson (2008) the 30Rs of relationship marketing are 30 identifiable relationships that encompass a mixture of relationships between organizations and other parties. Furthermore, the parent company and its foreign subsidiaries use management techniques that maximize the companys global efficiency17. 2.1 The Four Broad Partnerships of Relationship Marketing.

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When applying Relationship Marketing it is important to add value for the customer, otherwise he would not have a reason to enter a relationship with an organization. This includes an internal and external analysis of the companys marketing environment. Therefore, relating to the PLZ Coke Life is currently in the growth stage as it continues to increase sales and persuade consumers to choose their product over similar products (The Coca-Cola Company 2014; Solomon. Other than taking a simple buyer and seller approach, this model meet the requirements of relationship marketing by taking a constellation approach (Godson, 2011). Introduction, in this section the subject of relationship marketing is discussed and compared to transaction marketing. The center of consideration are countries or regions characterized by internal homogeneity,.g. Format: PDF  fr PC, Kindle, Tablet, Handy (ohne DRM) Buch fr nur 15,99 Versand gratis,. Gummesson (2008) defines relationship marketing as marketing that is based on interactions within networks of relationships.

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The main types of below-the-line advertising systems include direct mail campaigns, social media marketing, trade shows, catalogs, and targeted search engine marketing. 3.1 Three Layers of Coca-Cola Life The three layers, which identify the consumers needs and wants of a product, are the core product, actual product and augmented product (Solomon. Price stability and distribution intensification affect sales and turnover positively (Pfaff, D 2004). Furthermore, Zara has universal and local standards as performance and control indicators, for example the standardized collection of clothes and accessories. Theoretical frameworks.1 The Four Broad Partnerships of Relationship Marketing.2 The 30Rs of Relationship Marketing. To stand out from the competitors the company should analyse possible product improvements or product alternatives in the growth phase. At the supporter level, repeat buying behaviour turns into genuine loyalty to the Nike brand. Special attention should be paid to the recycling system. Only 10-15 of the collection is different in some countries. They would need up to six months until they get their new designs into market.

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The paper is organized into three parts: It begins with a brief overview of the global fashion and retail industry, as well as a short overview of the company itself. 231.4.2 Timing, in terms of timing Zara is tamed a follower, because of its long period of domestic market penetration (as said.1.). Table 1: Facts about the product Coca Cola Life illustration not visible in this excerpt. 1.3 Company Background. Against the backdrop of an increasingly competitive business environment, companies are forced to keep their customers loyal, ensure their satisfaction and find out as much as possible about them (Kotler, 2011). They exercise their influence on a higher level than the market relationships and set the conditions under which market relationships operate. 3.1 Ladder of Loyalty The ladder of loyalty is a model used to evaluate customers levels of involvement with a company and its products and to delineate the transition from transaction marketing to relationship marketing (Godson, 2011). For Nike, the classic market relationship relationships to customers and supplier and the mega respectively external relationships are the most crucial. New products are by nature in the introduction phase of the product life cycle.

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The management and development process of fashion and retail products is different to other management processes, as the focus is on characteristics of the fashion industry1. Inditex, 2017, m. One of Nikes major strengths is its strong brand equity (Datamonitor, 2011). Above-the-line methods are ideal for general brand awareness, while below-the-line tactics are preferable for fostering direct relationships with potential customers. The employment of management positions is beyond passport. According to Table 1 the product can be bought at nearly every shop and supermarket in various countries all over the world. The 30 relationships can be subdivided into four broad categories: classic market relationships, special market relationships, mega relationships and nano relationships. Godson (2011) points out that the main aim of relationship marketing is the development and maintenance of long term relationships with all stakeholders of a business. Schmid, Strategien der Internationalisierung, 2013,.

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Compared to indirect competitors the price is set in the upper margin. Above-the line casts a wide net versus below-the-line, which uses a proverbial fishing pole through direct mailings, face-to-face contacts at trade shows, or paid search engine results that pop up when consumers enter specific queries. Customer Relationships (R1).1 Ladder of Loyalty.2 Knowledge Relationship (R21).3 Electronic Relationships (R12).4.1 Viral Marketing. 1.2 Transaction Marketing. The manager reports customers suggestions and requests products based on their shopping behavior, which allow an instant reaction to changing consumer demands. It describes four strategic orientations.

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Regarding Coke Life the colour is green (Hepburn.d.). Usually the price of a 600ml bottle of Coca-Cola Life is around.50 which is positioned above the price of the direct competitor Pepsi True. The companys target is to sell global fashion for everybody, so the designers and managers try to keep up with the high fashion brands and trends and place them on the market as soon as possible at affordable prices, instead. The brand names are more relevant in fashion than in any other good according to that, the quality depends on the brand image.3 When a fashion company internationalizes it adds great complexity, because retailers need to understand other cultures and markets. Table of Contents. The first phase was from 19, which is a typical step for traditional companies that adopt traditional internationalization pattern. Source: The Coca-Cola Company (2015 with the newest innovation, Coke Life, KO wants to offer their customers a version of Coke with fewer calories.

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The majority of Nikes customers are considered to be on the customer, client and supporter stage but Nike has customers on all stages of the ladder. Rather than airing a national commercial during a hit network television show, a below-the-line campaign might instead focus on an in-store demonstration of a product, that consumers may wish to investigate in person. Local standards can be secured through production of products in the home market Spain and monitoring of the value chain. Nikes aim should be to move customers up the ladder of loyalty. The managers from those stores can only choose products from an expanded range of articles. It is recommended that the company target itself on reusable packaging instead of one-way drink packaging. Below-the-Line Advertising, above-the-line advertising is designed to reach mass audiences. This added customer value can occur in the form of more trust to a company, a more customized service, a personal touch and the possibility to better answer customers expectations. These include inter alia persons with a hectic daily routine those are very concerned about naturalness and sustainability (The Coca-Cola Company 2015; Spaeth 2015).

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This used to be different but the firm learned from its own experience that it is better to recruit employees locally to gain better understanding of local market preferences. In 2016 the firm opened 51 new stores, including new countries like Aruba, Nicaragua, Vietnam, New Zealand and Paraguay.7 The Brand created its image and success with the way it kept up with street fashion in the. Zara was founded in 1975, it became the flagship of Inditex. They are also referred to as internal relationships (Gummesson, 2008). The company Zara is one of the biggest fashion retailers worldwide. Similar level of purchasing power, comparable consumer structure. 3.3 Stage of the Product Life Cycle for Coca-Cola Life Far beyond the product policy, the product life cycle (PLZ) has a significant importance for marketing planning. The objective is to make to customer want to become part of the story, which of course can only be achieved by buying Nike products. In addition this report is limited by the available timeframe and the fact that not all company information was made available for the product Coke Life. In comparison Zara is the brand with the highest brand value, H M has the highest revenue and Mango is distributing in most countries.

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